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Gundam Wing:
   The Darker Side of Duo Maxwell
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Final Fantasy VII:
   Conflicts of Interest (COI)
      A Minor Inconvenience
      Turn the Page
      Sad But True

   COI: Alter Ego


   Heart and Soul

Weiß Kreuz: The Black Dream
      Der Schwarze Traum (The Black Dream)

Gensomaden Saiyuki:
   Addicted to Love

Tokyo Babylon / X:
   A Necessary Evil

Angel Sanctuary:
   Perchance to Dream

   Just Rewards

Yami no Matsuei: Things Unseen
   To Be Yours


Gundam Wing: The Obsidian Shadows
      The Other Side
      Dominion Road
      Balancing the Scales
      Force of Arms
      Sex Type Thing

Gundam Wing:
   Mechanics of Control (MoC)
      MoC: Wicked Game
      MoC: Dragon's Fire
      MoC: Brilliant Disguise

Gundam Wing: The Lighter Shades
      Maxwell's Demon
      Blood Red Threads
      Double Vision

Gundam Wing: Synthesis
      A Thin Line Between
      Muddled Waters
      Once and Forever
      Cuts Like a Scythe
      Death and the Raven
      Blood Will Tell...?
      The Ultimate Sin
      Tabula Rasa
      Basic Instinct

Gundam Wing: Miscellany
      Passion Play
      I'm Not in Love
      Heaven in Your Eyes
      Like a Prayer
      Bastardizing Duo
      Learning to Fly


Rurouni Kenshin:
   The Nightwitch Tales (NWT)
      Night Visitor
      All in the Family
      The Wolf and the 'Witch
      Destiny of Fangs
      Romancing the Wolf

   NWT: That Which Lingers
      You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth
      Eyes On Me
      Blanket Scenerio: Saitoh & Tokio

Rurouni Kenshin: Sketches
      A Telling Gesture


Final Fantasy IX: Tree and Crystal
      Parting Gifts


Ranma 1/2:
   Tiger Claw
   Darker Fancy (text)


Original fics
   Divine Justice
   Black Feathers




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