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NEW - Nov 17, 2003

posted 2 previously released fics

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Ranma 1/2:

Tiger Claw

Final Fantasy VII:

Conflicts of Interest

Alter Ego

Final Fantasy IX:

Tree and Crystal

Heart and Soul
Weiß Kreuz:

The Black Dream


Addicted to Love

Tokyo Babylon / X:

A Necessary Evil

Gundam Wing:

Darker Side of
Duo Maxwell

Obsidian Shadows

Mechanics of Control

Lighter Shades

Dark Side Synthesis

Dark Side Miscellany

Rurouni Kenshin:

The Nightwitch Tales

That Which Lingers


Fanfic Menagerie

Gravitation, Angel Sanctuary, Yami no Matsuei

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Something Wicked


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Gundam Wing

The Darker Side of Duo Maxwell

Shinigami by Kitsune

"Shinigami" courtesy of Kitsune at Silvertales


The Obsidian Shadows - Where the darkest and most twisted of my GW fics lurk. Enter at your own risk!

Mechanics of Control - the pilots discover that they are slaves and puppets in other people's merciless schemes


The Lighter Shades - Where my milder (relatively speaking) GW fics reside

Dark Side Synthesis - Home to my GW crossovers and fusions

Dark Side Miscellany - my collection of GW short stories, songfics, vidfics, and teasers


Chiaroscuro Dark - fanart related to my Obsidian Shadow fics

Chiaroscuro Light - fanart related to my Lighter Shade fics


"Dark Side of Duo" Badges - a way to show one's appreciation for the more 'interesting' aspects of Duo Maxwell, aka Shinigami



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