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NEW - Nov 17, 2003

posted 2 previously released fics

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What's New in the Lair


Nov 17, 2003

Finally got around to posting my 2nd Yami no Matsuei fic "Retaliation" (previously posted to various fanfic websites and mailing lists) to my website. ^_^;

Also posted my original fic Black Feathers, which was previously published in MAS-Zine (issue #2).

Also updated my Downloads page with the absolutely amazing trailer for the FFVII sequel - FFVII: Advent Children. After watching this, I *dare* anyone to call Cloud a 'clod'! Also added some images from the trailer.


Jun 10, 2003

Finally put up a page for my new Yu-Gi-Oh! story, Heart and Soul.

Also updated my Downloads page with a background music mp3 from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Sound Duel 2 CD.


Mar 2, 2003

Posted A Minor Inconvenience, yet another side-story for Conflicts of Interest.

Posted To Be Yours, my first Yami no Matsuei fic, in the The Fanfic Menagerie.

Finally put up a page for general anime/manga/game information called FYI (ooh, original!). Currently, my "Hakkai goes youkai" pages and info on YnM part 75 are available.

Yay! I now have some video clips available on my new Downloads page, so check them out! ^_^


Nov 12, 2002

Posted Hollow (part 1), a side-story for Conflicts of Interest.


Oct 23, 2002

Finally got around to putting together a new page called The Fanfic Menagerie to house teasers for various anime series. At the moment, I have teasers for Angel Sanctuary "Perchance to Dream" and a Gravitation/Saiyuki fusion "Just Rewards".


Oct 22, 2002

Sorry for the long silence but the end of the government's fiscal year has been hell. >_< However, now that I've got a little spare time for my writing -- when I'm not playing Kingdom Hearts, that is! ^_^;

Wah! Cloud! Sephiroth! So beautifully animated! *__* It makes me wish that FF7 could be done to PS2 standards, damn it!

::cough:: Back to business.

Posted a new sidestory "Puppets" for Conflicts of Interest.

For you COI fans, I have some good news! In the process of writing the now nearly mythical Part 8 of COI -- ::massive sweatdrop:: -- I've accumulated a hefty pile of assorted ficlets and flashbacks that don't quite fit into the flow of the main story. So I plan on posting them over the next few weeks if Real Life(tm) doesn't interfere.

The next available sidestory should be another post-Nibelheim ficlet called "Hollow" describing just what sort of diabolical experiments were carried out on Cloud and which hopefully explains his rather demented behavior in "Puppets". ^_^

Here's a tiny teaser for "Hollow"... ::evil grin::

------------- (start teaser) -------------

   Roissy smiled down at the twitching, incoherently babbling young man strapped in the chair and drawled, "I'm not interested in a Cloud Strife who's under the delusion that he's Zackary Faelan."

   "Then what the hell are you interested in?" Dr. Stephen demanded.

   "What I want...," Roissy ran her fingers possessively through Cloud's sweat-soaked hair, "is to see the real Zackary Faelan looking back at me out of these pretty blue eyes."

------------- (end teaser) -------------

For you poor GW, RK, and other fic fans... sorry, but I can handle only one fic obsession at a time, and at the moment it happens to be COI. So please continue to be patient with the poor old Hydra! ::grovel::

Yes, I know that all my NC-17 fics have been deleted from ::grumble:: but don't worry. You can still find them here at my website.


Jun 10, 2002

I'm back after an incredibly annoying screwup with my OLD webhosting service.  ::much gnashing of teeth:: Yahoo! Website Services decided to change their webhosting service to Yahoo! Geocities. Since the Geocities accounts had some features I wanted, I decided to switch.

In retrospect, a foolish mistake on my part.

On the Y!Website Services Help page, it said that to convert my old webhosting plan to the new Y!Geocities plan, I had to cancel my old account, then place an order on Geocities for the new account. It shouldn't take more than 2 hours, they said.

A big fat lie.

After 12 hours, I started sending messages to the Yahoo! Customer Care people. Finally, over 18 hours later, I got the following reply:

" ** Please Note: There is currently a known system bug that does not allow a cancelled Yahoo! GeoCities domain to submit an order. Our engineers are in the process of fixing this. To prevent downtime, we recommend keeping your Yahoo! GeoCities account active until this is resolved. You may contact us again for updates. However, right now we not have an estimated time of resolution. ** "

Excuse me!?

"There is currently a known system bug..."!?
"...we do not have an estimated time of resolution"!?

I translate this to mean "We've got a big problem and we haven't got a clue how to fix it yet."

But the thing that annoys me the most is Yahoo!'s failure to mention anything of this -minor- glitch on their own Help page! ::sneer:: They are well aware that you basically CAN'T transfer a domain from a cancelled Y!Website Services account to a Geocities account, but their damn Help Page contains not a single hint of this problem!!!

::contemptuous sneer::

After receiving that message, I decided to pick up my domain and go somewhere else to play.

Anyway, the end result is that I've moved my domain to a new webhost. The website might be a bit glitchy and parts may be temporarily inaccessible until the new IP for the domain gets fully propagated and I manage to get the site debugged.  ^_^

However, I made use of my time offline to do a major revamp and update of my image sections. Please check all the new offerings in the Image Galleries area!


May 07, 2002

Posted the prologue to my new Tokyo Babylon / X fic "A Necessary Evil".


Mar 03, 2002

Posted the side-story "Deliver Me" to my Weiß Kreuz fic Der Schwarze Traum (The Black Dream).


Jan 02, 2002

Posted part 4 of my Saiyuki fic Addicted to Love.


Dec 23, 2001

Finally finished reorganizing and revamping the Lair!

Separated the GW-related works into smaller pages -- Mechanics of Control now has its own page; the crossover/fusion fics have been moved to Dark Side Synthesis; the songfics and various teasers can be found at the Dark Side Miscellany.

Put up links to my new blogs -- Something Wicked for personal thoughts, and The Salon for my character rambles/rants. ^_^

Updated the various fanart gallerys -- particularly in Fanart and the GW fanart galleries (which have been separated into Chiaroscuro Dark and Chiaroscuro Light).


Nov 12, 2001

Posted Part 2 of Der Schwarze Traum (The Black Dream) on my Weiss Kreuz page.

Dressed up the Lair's Splash page with some Java applets, courtesy of the Anfy applet collection by Fabio Ciucci at  ^_^

Watch the rippling waves of the lake version splash page or feel free to play with the rippling water version splash page!


Oct 09, 2001
Finally posted a partially new teaser for Part 25 of That Which Lingers. Added links for the most recent teasers for Conflicts of Interest and Tiger Claw. Made a few cosmetic changes to the Lair.

Sep 11, 2001
Added a page for my Saiyuki fic Addicted to Love.

Aug 10, 2001
Added a page for my Weiß Kreuz fic Der Schwarze Traum (The Black Dream).

Feb 24, 2000
Added Prologue, Parts 1-2 of "The Other Side" and Part 1 of "Learning to Fly" to The Darker Side of Duo Maxwell.

Nov 05, 1999
Added Part 1 of "Dominion Road" to my newly retitled Gundam Wing fanfic page, now called The Darker Side of Duo Maxwell.




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