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Ranma 1/2

Beyond the Cat-Fist, there lies...

Tiger Claw

A demon story with romantic interludes...
...or perhaps a love story with demonic complications.

Ranma & Akane Together

Ranma & Company discover an ominous aspect to the Neko-ken when a mysterious sorceress appears in Nerima and sets a complex series of plots into motion. At the same time, a young woman also arrives in the city intent on pursuing her own personal mission.

Old enemies return and long hidden secrets are revealed as Ranma soon finds himself exploring the shadow within his soul and its dark seductive power.

   The obvious enemy is not necessarily the real enemy.

   Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

   Cats and serpents do not mix.

   Relatives are HELL.


SUMMARY of Parts 1-6

Part 1: No More Pussyfooting Around (94 K)
Part 2: Damage Control (64 K)
Part 3: Harbingers of the Storm (91 K)
Part 4: Visitations (83 K)
Part 5: Darkening Hearts: Part I (82 K)
Part 6: Darkening Hearts: Part II (77 K)

Part 7
   Teaser 1 - 04/08/1999 (15 K)
      a snippet focusing on Yuri and Kuno

   Teaser 2 - 02/02/2000 (43 K)
      an intense private talk between Ranma and Akane


"The Whisper"
vertical line

   * * *

Screams from a new love
The passion was burning
It singed in a stare
Free under the night sun
The fear of the hunger
Will always be there in my mind
Time after time
The morning will close a new page

Please take my hand
  ...Voices are calling me back
Don't be afraid
  ...Back to the day
I am your master
  ...Footsteps had followed me faster
You are my slave
  ...Coming to take me away

vertical line

   * * *

Please take my hand
  ...Follow the impulse you have
Don't be afraid
  ...I'll show you the way
I am your master
  ...Forget what you've learned in
     the past now
You are my slave


  -- by Queensryche
  -- © 1986 EMI-USA
  -- used without permission



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